Prenuptial Agreement Philippines

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Prenuptial Agreement Philippines (How to Avoid Conjugal Property in the Philippines)


Persons drafting their Prenuptial Agreement Philippines.
The regime of absolute community of property is subordinate in terms of a valid prenuptial agreement.


A Prenuptial Agreement Philippines helps protect both you and your fiancée in case the marriage ends.

A Prenuptial Agreement correctly executed can help you:

  • Keep property you own before the marriage even if the marriage ends
  • Determine who gets what when the marriage ends through a court case such as Annulment in the Philippines.

Without a Prenuptial Agreement Philippines, anything that is Conjugal Property is split equally between the spouses.

For a Prenuptial Agreement to be valid, it must be executed before the marriage, signed by both parties and ideally registered.

Prenuptial Agreement Philippines Requirement 1: Must be executed before the Marriage


Prepared Prenuptial Agreement Philippine contract before marriage.
A prenuptial agreement covers all of your personal property and the other’s rights to your partner’s property after marriage.


A Prenuptial Agreement in the Philippines must be executed before the marriage and signed by both parties.

Okay, here is the law:

Art. 77 The marriage settlements and any modification thereof shall be in writing, signed by the parties and executed before the celebration of the marriage.

A Marriage Settlement or Prenuptial Agreement Philippines that is executed after the marriage is not valid.

A kadulatan that you will each go your own way and have nothing to do with each other made after the marriage is also not valid.

Let me just emphasize that:

A Marriage Settlement or Prenuptial Agreement in the Philippines must be executed before the marriage. And a kasulatan executed after the marriage is also NOT VALID.

Prenuptial Agreement Philippines Requirement 2: Signed by both parties before the Marriage and notarized


Another requirement is that Prenuptial Agreement in the Philippines must be signed by both parties.


Husband's salary earned from working are listed as divided in his Prenuptial Agreement Philippines.
It acts as a safety net if this marriage ends up in the future.


Both parties must sign the document, as otherwise, it is not valid.

So, you need to both agree.

This means that you have to discuss it and understand each other’s point of view.

The Marriage Settlement or Prenuptial Agreement Philippines protects both parties in case the marriage ends through Annulment and should be seen that way.

Also remember to notarize the document.

Prenuptial Agreement Philippines shall be registered so that 3rd parties are duly notified


A Prenuptial Agreement Philippines should be registered at the local civil register and in the concerned property registries so that 3rd parties are duly informed and can respect the marriage settlements. Art 77 Family Code of the Philippines

Let me explain through an example.


A puppet that symbolizes control on property is to have prenutial agreement Philippines.
Your spouse should be fully aware of the existence of this agreement to feel fair while you’re having more control over how your current and future assets are divided or separated.


Say Phillip and Maria decide to get married.

After they sign the Marriage Certificate, the Marriage Certificate is then registered with the Local Civil Register.

The Marriage Settlement or Prenuptial Agreement Philippines should be submitted along with the Certificate of Marriage at the LCR.

This registers it and allows notice that there is a Prenuptial Agreement to be known publicly.

What if it is not registered?


A pile of drafted Prenuptial Agreement Philippines.
If failed to submit to the LRC, you should submit 4 copies of their prenup to the local Civil Registry.


In case it is not registered, it is still valid between the 2 of you and can be used in a case such as Annulment in the Philippines.

However –

Third parties are not expected to act with the knowledge that there is a different Conjugal Property Regime.

It is good practice to register the Prenuptial Agreement and you should do this if you can.


Prenuptial Agreement Philippines: Which Conjugal Property type should you choose?


A Prenuptial Agreement must state which type of Conjugal Property regime is chosen.


Man creating boundaries on his property that is listed separated on his Prenuptial Agreement Philippines.
A prenuptial agreement can clarify financial rights, responsibilities, and boundaries between spouses, regardless of whether one or both spouses are wealthy.


There are 4 Conjugal Property Regimes that you can choose from:

  • Absolute Community
  • Conjugal Partnership of Gains
  • Complete Separation of Property
  • Individualized Conjugal Property Regime

It’s important to understand what each Conjugal Property Regime is.

Each has a different effect and splits property differently when the marriage ends through a court case such as Annulment in the Philippines.

I have a very, very detailed post on Conjugal Property Philippines but I will detail this briefly below.


Absolute Community


Absolute Community of Property is the default Conjugal Property regime and was effective from Aug 3, 1988.


Terms and condition in distributing property indicated in the Prenuptial Agreement Philippines
Both terms should be stated in this contract so that both couples know how property and debts will be inherited after marriage.


In Absolute Community, all of your individual properties before the marriage form part of Conjugal Property.

In Absolute Community, only property acquired through Donation or Inheritance after the marriage is not part of Conjugal Property. (Or personal items such as clothing. Jewelry however is part of Conjugal Property.)

When you go through an Annulment in the Philippines, all Conjugal Property is divided between you.

A Prenuptial Agreement is not needed if you choose this Conjugal Property Regime.


Conjugal Partnership of Gains


A Conjugal Partnership of Gains can be chosen as your marriage regime. It was in the default Conjugal Property regime before Aug 3, 1988.


List of years of Prenuptial Agreement Philippines got updated.
In fact, we recommend that you at least annually renew your prenuptial agreement, depending on the qualities you have accumulated during your marriage.


There are several differences:

  1. The property you own before the marriage remains yours and is not part of Conjugal Property.
  2. Conjugal Property is all the things earned during the marriage.
  3. When the marriage ends through a court case like Annulment in the Philippines, only the things that were earned during the marriage are divided between you.

This is a big difference.

You can consider this Conjugal Property regime if you wish to create a Prenuptial Agreement.


Complete Separation of Property


Married couple consulting lawyer for their drafted Prenuptial Agreement Philippines.
Couples can draft their prenup agreement to simplify the process but it is less complicated if signed in the presence of a lawyer, especially in the complete separation of property.


Complete Separation of property is exactly what it says it is – what is mine is mine and what is yours is yours.

If you file an Annulment in the Philippines and this is your Conjugal Property regime, then you still own everything that you made or owned before the marriage.

This is also a good choice for your Prenuptial Agreement.


Personalized Conjugal Property Regime


Spouse is rich that's why he enters into a Prenuptial agreement before marriage.
The most common reason here in the Philippines reasons why couples choose to have prenuptial agreements is that one party has significant wealth.


The law provides for a 4th option which is essentially a Personalized Conjugal Property Regime.

These can be more complicated.

It should not go against “law, morals, good customs, public order or public policy.”

For this type of Agreement, it might be best to get a lawyer so that it is drafted properly.


Prenuptial Agreement Philippines: What else should I include aside from the Conjugal Property Regime?


Marriage celebration after having prenuptial agreement Philippines
A prenup copy should be submitted to whoever is solemnizing the marriage in order to include in the marriage certificate that there is an agreement.


It is generally a good idea for a Prenuptial Agreement to include a list of properties.

The list of properties can determine in detail what the Prenuptial Agreement should be applied to, and should be detailed.

This list should also be updated every so often to include all the property obtained during the marriage.


What happens to Foreign Assets in a Prenuptial Agreement?


Married couples that is walking peaceful after enetring into a Prenuptial Agreement Philippines.
This also serves as an assurance that neither party is getting married for the promise of money or a better lifestyle.


Foreign assets are usually governed by the law of the foreign country that they are located.

A Prenuptial Agreement Philippines may not cover assets abroad.

It is best to work with a lawyer from the Philippines and the other countries involved if there are assets in other countries.


Prenuptial Agreement Philippines: What if one of the future spouses is a Foreigner?


Spouse happily kissing each other because of the clarity provided by their Preuptial Agreement Philippines
It also provides protection for foreign spouses, as foreigners cannot own private property in the Philippines.


A foreigner and a Filipina can also enter into a Prenuptial Agreement in the Philippines.

So long as it is validly executed


Who should get a Prenuptial Agreement?


A couple that has an agreed opinion on their agreement to secure themselves if Annulment in the Philippines happens.
Many engaged couples find Prenuptial agreements taboo in Filipino families, which is why they are turning their backs on it.


A Prenuptial Agreement should be entered into for the below reasons:

  • When one party has more debt than the other.
  • When one party has a lot more assets than the other.
  • When they own businesses
  • When there are children from a previous relationship
  • For any other reason.


Common issue is the sharing of assets after filing Annulment in the Philippines.
Spouses could not easily later agree to change their property relations unless required by the court.


We’ve often seen marriages end.

Because of property issues, court cases can drag on longer and there are a lot of acrimonies.

This helps make the process easier and can protect other people such as children from a previous marriage or co-owners in a family business who may be affected by an angry ex-spouse.


Can I make a Prenuptial Agreement myself?


A Priest preaching good encouragement in a marriage mass celbration to avoid conflicts that would lead to Annulment in the Philippines
Whether a mayor or a priest, it is the solemnizing authority’s duty to provide LCR with a copy of the marriage certificate, including the Prenup agreement.


Yes, you can, if you so wish.

Make sure that it is executed before the marriage, is signed by both parties and is notarized. Remember registration.

I do think that it is always best to consult a lawyer because this contract has a really big effect on your future.

It is best to spend now on this.

Do the Marriage Settlement or Prenuptial Agreement right so that a lot of problems can be avoided.

You will both be grateful for it if the marriage ends through a court case such as Annulment in the Philippines.


How much can Prenuptial Agreement cost?


A married couple filing their Annulment in the Philippines.
The cost of a prenuptial agreement can vary based on several factors.


A Prenuptial Agreement’s cost will consist of notarization, registration and lawyer’s fees.

Consider a few thousand – say about 2,000 – for registration.

Also, consider that there will be lawyer’s fees.

Get a lawyer for when there is a large number of assets or a complicated Prenuptial Agreement desired.

It will save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run.


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