Magna Carta of Women Leave: Rules and Eligibility

Employee shall notify her employer when availing Special Leave for Women providing prescriptions of physician.

What is Magna Carta of Women (RA 9710)


A Special Leave for women that are distressed about their disorder.
A comprehensive women’s rights law aimed at protecting the rights of those Filipino women in marginalized sectors.


Magna Carta of Women provides equal opportunity for women to eliminate gender-based discrimination, as well as providing 2 months of full pay for gynecological surgery providing an employee has served 6 months in the last 12 months.

For this article, I’ll focus mainly on Magna Carta for Women Leave.

Magna Carta for Women Leave rules are based on:

Let’s first start with Eligibility, and start off with the law – after all, we are Labor Lawyers.

Magna Carta Eligibility


This RA 9710 granting leave to women has the purpose of giving them a recovery period for their health security.
Many Filipino women opt to work as OFWs in countries with favorable women’s rights laws.


Magna Carta coverage is for the following:

  • Female employees regardless of age and civil status
  • Employee must have served at least 6 months in the last 12 months
  • Employee must have undergone gynecological surgery as certified by a competent physician

She has notified the employer within sufficient time

List of Gynecological Disorders under Magna Carta


Leave credit is granted for those who will undergo surgery from gynecological disorders according to RA 9710.
These are things you should never hope for, but they give you peace of mind that you are well taken care of during the most difficult times of your life.


Gynecological disorders under Magna Carta can be one of the following:

  • Dilatation and curettage and those involving female reproductive organs such as the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, breast, adnexa and pelvic floor
  • Hysterectomy
  • Ovariectomy
  • Mastectomy

This is not a full list of gynecological disorders under the Magna Carta but is a good place to start.

If you find yourself facing a procedure that is not itemized above, have your doctor describe it and write up your medical history so that you can present this to your HR.

While you can always consult with one of our Philippine Labor Lawyers, it is always best to first clarify with your HR.

What are the requirements to avail of Magna Carta for Women?


The attending surgeon of an urgent surgery.
If urgent surgical intervention is needed, a prior application is not required.


Magna Carta for Women Requirements varies per company since it is a company-administered benefit.

It is likely to be one of the following:

  • Medical records from a competent physician
  • Magna Carta of Women or Special Leave Form
  • Notification in sufficient time – Company policies may dictate what they consider sufficient time, so be sure to clarify what this would be.

Can you claim both Magna Carta Leave and SSS Sickness Benefit?


Happy employee because of approval of her filed special leave.
This benefit is provided by your employer, so it is not an SSS benefit and is significantly different from SSS Sickness Benefit.


Yes, you can claim them for the same incident but they must be taken in order.

First, you may apply for Magna Carta Leave.

Then, you may use any of your unused leave benefits.

Then, you may decide to claim SSS Sickness benefits. 

Can you claim Magna Carta Leave and also your pay, if you resume work before the end of leave?


Satisfied woman showing a word yes to answer question if possible to claim special leave even if resume to work before it ends.
The Special Leave Benefit Program is designed to help female employees better manage their reproductive health.


Yes, you can claim both Magna Carta Leave and also your regular pay, if you decide to return to work.

In GR 228236, Atty Daisy took Magna Carta Leave but returned to work a month before the end of the leave.

The court ruled that she could receive both the paid leave and her salary:

“..the commuted money value of the unexpired portion of the special leave need not be refunded, and that when the employee returns to work before the expiration of her special leave, she may receive both the benefits granted under the maternity leave law and the salary for actual services rendered effective the day she reports for work.

…The Court finds it just and more in accord with the spirit and intent of RA No. 9710 to suppletorily apply the rule on maternity leave to the special leave benefit.”

So yes, you can get both benefits.

How many days is Magna Carta Leave?


Women is happy of the good news discussed by their employer.
Granting Magna Carta Leave is another milestone for women in the workforce.


Magna Carta Leave is 2 months of paid leave taken after the procedure.

A company policy may be in place allowing some Availment before the procedure, and this is also allowed

How much is Magna Carta Leave?


It is equivalent to a 2 months of employee's gross monthly wage.
Regardless of the type of surgery or recovery time prescribed by a physician, this leave must be granted in full.


Magna Carta Leave is 2 months of your gross monthly compensation.

Gross monthly compensation is monthly basic pay in addition to mandatory allowances defined by the regional wage board.

Is Magna Carta Cumulative?


A woman in a white tank top sitting on the bed talking to a woman showing files.
While the implementation of the law still needs clarification, the grant of Magna Carta Leave marks another milestone in women’s working lives.


No, the Magna Carta of Women is not Cumulative.

In other words, if you had a gynecological procedure and there were unused leave credits, then you cannot then apply them to another such instance.

Is Magna Carta Convertible?


A woman showing a word "NO" to answer question if Magna Carta Leave is cash convertible.
Unless otherwise specified in the collective agreement, this kind of special leave cannot be accumulated or redeemed for cash.


No, Magna Carta for Women is not convertible to cash.

If there are unused leave credits, you cannot convert this to cash.

Essentially, the Special Leave for Women is a “use it or lose it” benefit.

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