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FCB Law Office Paralegal Officer since 2019

Bail Philippines

Bail Philippines is commonly cash or bond given for the release of a person in custody of the law, to ensure that he appears in court.

Holographic Will Philippines

Holographic Will Philippines A Holographic Will (Philippines) is a handwritten document signed and dated by the Testator which determines who inherits and what they inherit. Holographic Will Requirements are that: The Will follows laws on Compulsory Heirs, Disinheritance and Philippine Laws on Succession (there are specific rules as to how much can be given to …

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Legal Separation vs Annulment

Legal Separation is a more expensive, more difficult court case in the Philippines that gives Conjugal Property but doesn’t end the marriage.

Annulment Philippines

  Annulment Philippines is a court case that ends a marriage between 2 Filipinos and is composed of a trial with testimony (which may be done over Videocon, depending on the judge). This commonsense primer helps people who do not know much about Annulment by explaining: What Annulment in the Philippines is? What the Grounds …

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